5 Ways to Help Put an End to the Yulin Meat Festival

Every year thousands of dogs are tortured and killed at the Yulin Meat Festival. Many Chinese citizens have petitioned against this festival, but it is still going on, and some authorities even deny its existence. 

While there has been progress in the fight, we need to keep showing our support and spreading awareness to make the Yulin Meat Festival a thing of the past. 

We have found 5 ways you can help.

1. Sign Petition

One way to show your support in the stand against the Yulin Meat Festival is to sign the petition addressed to Ambassador Cui Tiankai. In this petition is states that "It is illegal in China to transport dogs without quarantine certificates, which virtually none of the dogs trucked to Yulin have — so a simple government checkpoint could prevent these dogs from being tortured and killed." Signing the petition with encourage enforcing laws that are already in place. You can check out LCA's website to sign your name.